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Facilitator Agreement

Share Your Story

We are so excited to have you share your knowledge, healing and skills with our cherished guests.


We want to showcase you!

To do that we need some information.

Write a description of you and your business that we can use to tell our guests all about you. We want them to be as excited as we are about your presence!

We also need a description of your workshop. Explain to us what this will look like exactly. How will guests participate? What can they expect to get out of it. 

We also need some photos! The more the better so we can choose just the right one.


Workshop Description & Image Subscription

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

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Facilitator Agreement

Workshops are expected to be 50 minutes long.

If you require longer we may be able to give 2 back to back blocks.

Facilitators will arrive early enough to festival to be present for the opening ceremony. Accommodations are available to you. We have 40 spaces in a log dormitory exclusive for our facilitators and performers. You may check in to your accommodations as early as Friday, 5 pm.

We want to be able to include you in the opening and closing ceremonies! If you feel you have something to contribute here, please share! This can be a small ceremony or ritual, discussion, meditation, song etc.

Our festival is open to all women age 13+.

We want to ensure that our young sisters are welcome and benefit from our sistership also.

Is there something special you may be offer to these coming-of-age girls to help welcome them to womanhood?

All facilitators and performers will receive 2 meals per day. Please ensure you have enough food for yourselves aside from this. There will be food vendors on site.

What are your meal preferences?

All facilitators will receive a festival T-shirt designed especially for this amazing team of women. You have the choice of a flowy tank top or a basic Tee. 

What is your shirt preference?

A Healer's Tent is available. 


Facilitators may offer their services privately to guests.

Therapy, healing and oracle services are welcome.

There are 3 spaces available in this tent, each 10'x10'.  You will need to bring your own items for inside, this is just empty tent space.

You may book a space for a full day or full weekend.

There is no charge for this.

You are also welcome and encouraged to bring your own tent to set up in this area.

The more the merrier.

Will you be a part of the healers village?

We understand that some workshops may require some materials. If so we want to make sure those are covered. We may need to pre register guests for some and collect payment ahead of time. Please get in contact with us if you require supplies or guest registration.

Does your workshop use materials that will result in guests having to pay?

To prevent cancellations and ensure that our efforts, Workshop Showcase and Festival Staff Requirements are not impacted, we need confirmation that you will not cancel.

Thanks for submitting!

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