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Description Request

Share Your Story

We are so excited to have you share your knowledge, healing and skills with our cherished guests.


We want to showcase you!

To do that we need some information.

Write a description of you and your business that we can use to tell our guests all about you. We want them to be as excited as we are about your presence!

We also need a description of your workshop. Explain to us what this will look like exactly. How will guests participate? What can they expect to get out of it. 

We also need some photos! The more the better so we can choose just the right one.


Workshop Description & Image Subscription

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

Does your workshop use materials that will result in guests having to pay?
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To prevent cancellations and ensure that our Workshop Showcase and Festival Staff Requirements are not impacted, we need confirmation that you will not cancel.

All Facilitators, Volunteers and Performers will be asked to pay a $100 holding fee.

You will be 100% reimbursed after completing your working hours.

You will be sent a request for payment along with the Facilitator Agreement.

Thanks for submitting!

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